Who we are

My name is Adri Mostert and I am the founder of Holland MTB Tours. The concept of Holland MTB Tours was conceived through my passion for mountainbiking, nature exploring and traveling. I want to share this passion!

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We can arrange tours everywhere in the Netherlands. You determine in which area or province you would like to cycle and what your preferences are. For instance, you could choose for full days or half days.

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Teambuilding and company outings, a day of leisure can contribute to a healthy work environment and better cooperation within your team. After all, we are all equal when we are all wearing sport clothes!

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We start in nature park Spaarnwoude and bike to Lisse, from there to the coast.

We pas Noordwijkerhout, and of course we go to the beach, and if you want, have lunch in one of the restaurants

over there. After that we go to den Ruigen Hoek, then Bennebroek and back to the starting place.


During this tour through a typical Dutch landscape we pas many tulip fields, an unique color experience.

This tour is mostly about bicycle paths, so it is easy, there are only a few nasty off road parts. Distance about 50km.


We can pick you up at the train station of Nieuw Vennep. 

tulpen hillegom nederland